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Road Show 2017

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American Council on Education 98th Annual Meeting

Be sure to visit WTC Consulting, Inc. in Booth #105 during the 98th Annual American Council on Education (ACE) meeting and exposition at the San Francisco Marriot Marquis, March 12-15, 2016.

ACE 2016 is the country’s premier higher education event, bringing together nearly 2,000 higher education leaders to network with one another and hear from College and University presidents discussing the most pressing issues of the day.

ACE is the nation’s most visible and influential higher education association.  ACE represents the presidents of more than 1,700 member accredited, degree-granting institutions, which include two-and -four year colleges, private, and public universities, and nonprofit and for-profit entities.  The organization collectively promotes, protects, and advocates for students, faculty, and administrators in higher education.  ACE members represent almost 70% of all students in accredited, degree-granting institutions.

WTC Consulting, Inc. is a leader in fully integrated activity based consulting, rate and funding models, and rate implementation for information technology.  Since 1983, WTC has helped many ACE members with the facts they need to make informed decisions for IT strategic planning and the annual budget process.  The success of the WTC approach is based on four characteristics:  Structure, Understanding, Simplicity, Experience.

To learn more about ACE and ACE 2016 visit www.aceannualmeeting.org.

To learn more about WTC Consulting, Inc. visit www.wtc-inc.net and our blog www.wtcconsulting.org.

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The Principia Unified Communications Strategic Plan and Procurement Process

Check out our new Client Brief for The Principia.For more WTC Client Briefs visit www.wtc-inc.net

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Union College Technology Infrastructure Strategy

Check out our new Client Brief for Union College.

For more WTC Client Briefs visit www.wtc-inc.net

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Review of Networking Environment and Strategy

A leading Mid-West University currently manages a data network with 30,000 active ports.  The network is a critical asset supporting the campus research and instructional missions.  In the next five years user applications in the areas of multimedia, visualization, video production, and video conferencing will drive bandwidth requirements beyond the capacity of the existing network.  The University wanted to evaluate the network environment and develop a five-year plan to enhance the existing data network to meet their academic and research needs including support for IP telephony.

WTC Consulting was engaged to develop a five-year Road Map.  This Road Map recommended physical infrastructure improvements and network security enhancements.  Network management improvements were also identified and the migration of the wireless network to a managed environment with a single vendor was validated.  Information was acquired through a series of on-site interviews with the University’s technical, administrative, and academic personnel.  WTC also addressed the architecture of the data network and current and future requirements, as well as reviewing network survivability strategies, ways to improve network security, network management, network services, and staffing levels to support a 30,000+ port network.

Thinking of reviewing your networking environment and strategy?  Contact WTC Consulting, Inc. at www.wtc-inc.net or call (213) 689-5309 for more information.


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Information Technology Assessment For a Leading University Health Science Center

Bringing the benefits of the health sciences to the achievement and maintenance of human health by pursuing an integrated program of education, research, clinical care, and public service is the mission of one major University’s Health Science Center.  As this University embarked on implementing its institutional strategic plan, they realized that they should consider what information technology infrastructure and programs were needed to support the general IT research and academic computing needs for their campuses.

 As a result, they released a Request for Proposal for a consulting firm with experience working with higher education institutions.  WTC Consulting was chosen to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the current state of their IT operations for both the central IT organization and IT groups in the individual colleges and departments.  The IT assessment focused on six key areas: 1) organization and leadership, 2) budget, 3) benchmarking, 4) service offerings and quality of services, 5) staffing, and 6) governance.   The results of the assessment provided the University with a roadmap for improving its IT support infrastructure, consolidating application development and support efforts, addressing staffing gaps, establishing centralized storage services, integrating a comprehensive user system support and refresh program, implementing a new wireless network, and initiating a long-term strategic plan for its voice and data network infrastructure and services.

For more information visit www.wtc-inc.net

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Having a Hard Time Putting the Technology Puzzle Together?

We can help!

WTC Consulting, Inc. is a national professional services firm delivering consulting services to a higher education and academic medical centers for over 28 years.  Expertise in strategic technology planning, rate and funding strategies, IT assessments, and wired and wireless infrastructure planning.  WTC has conducted more than 860 engagements for 250 clients.

Visit our website at www.wtc-inc.net

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One of the Ways WTC Helped a Leading Southern University

For a leading southern university, WTC identified the ten key areas of duplicated services that could potentially be supported in a more efficient and cost-effective manner through either central management or central coordination.  This assessment identified a potential 10% – 20 % reduction in operating costs associated with existing IT services.  WTC provided a road map on how to achieve these savings along with recommendations that address establishing both an IT governance framework and an IT operational framework.  WTC also made recommendations addressing specific services such as network management, help desk, email and calendaring, storage of backup media, file services, and disaster recovery.

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