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ACUTA Webinar with Presenter Phillip Beidelman

Thursday, September 22, 2011, from 1:30-2:30 pm EDT, WTC President, Phillip Beildelman, will be presenting the ACUTA Webinar, titled “8 Small Schools Face the Future to Manage Technology.”  This presentation will describe strategic approaches taken by several small institutions to manage and fund technology needs over the next five years.  Topics to be covered will  include strategic technical and financial considerations involving 1) reinvesting in wire to support wireless, 2) strategic hardening of the data network, 3) the role of carrier-neutral DAS and in-building penetration for cellular, 4) increased network resiliency, and 5) identifying the true cost for all of IT.

This webinar will be of special interest to members at small- to medium-sized colleges or universities.  The content is also relevant to  larger universities, but the examples are all taken from different types of smaller institutions.  It is a very special opportunity for those who have limited travel  funds.

What You Need to Participate

  • A computer with a standard browser.
  • Computer speakers or a phone line (for the audio portion of the webinar).
  • Your unique GoToWebinar access link – You will also be required to ‘register’ with GoToWebinar in order to participate.  You will receive a confirmation from ACUTA via e-mail that will include detailed instructions on how to register with GoToWebinar and obtain your unique access link.

The webinar technology integrates the presenter’s slides on the Web with a computer-based or phone-based audio seminar.  The presenter will take your questions via the Web. For more details about system requirements, go to GoToMeeting.com/fec/webinar/webinar_support.

Payment of your webinar fee ($89 for ACUTA members; $129 for non-members) allows an unlimited number of people from your institution to participate by sharing one Internet and  phone connection.  Webinar slides will be available on the ACUTA website prior to the webinar.

Go to www.acuta.org to reserve your spot now.  (Please register with ACUTA no later than Tuesday, September 20.)

For more information visit www.acuta.org

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