TASSCC 2015. WTC presents at the TASSCC 2015 Annual Conference in San Antonio, Monday, August 3rd.

Information Technology – Here are the Costs.  Show me the Value.

Phillip Beidelman – President, WTC Consulting

Dean Oyama – Consultant, WTC


To present a methodology and findings for identifying products, services, lines of business, and value delivered by an IT operation.


How much does IT cost?  How can we do IT cheaper?  How will we pay for IT?  Where’s the value?  These questions drove a detailed study of Information Technology costs at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center (UTSW) in Dallas.  For this study, IT and financial executives at UTSW partnered with technology cost experts from WTC.  Over a six-month period, WTC specialists examined the institution’s $85M IT operating budget for Fiscal Year 2014.  Every dollar spent on FTE and non-FTE expenses was identified.  From this evaluation over 300 Basic Products and Service Elements (BPSE) performed by the University’s central IT department were identified.  These BPSEs were then organized into IT Lines of Business.  Together this information delivered a transparent picture of IT operations spend, and clearly defined the activities and cost of a large Health Information Technology operation.  The presenters described the study drivers, and the methodology.  They also discussed how this information could be used to allocate IT costs; evaluate outsourcing targets; identify cost-cutting goals; and more.



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