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Academic Medical Center

Check out our new Client Brief for the Academic Medical Center.

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The Principia Unified Communications Strategic Plan and Procurement Process

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Union College Technology Infrastructure Strategy

Check out our new Client Brief for Union College.

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University of Tulsa Technology Infrastructure Strategy and Roadmap

Check out our new Client Brief for the University of Tulsa.

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College of Marin Five-Year College Technology Plan

Check out our new Client Brief for the College of Marin.

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Review of Networking Environment and Strategy

A leading Mid-West University currently manages a data network with 30,000 active ports.  The network is a critical asset supporting the campus research and instructional missions.  In the next five years user applications in the areas of multimedia, visualization, video production, and video conferencing will drive bandwidth requirements beyond the capacity of the existing network.  The University wanted to evaluate the network environment and develop a five-year plan to enhance the existing data network to meet their academic and research needs including support for IP telephony.

WTC Consulting was engaged to develop a five-year Road Map.  This Road Map recommended physical infrastructure improvements and network security enhancements.  Network management improvements were also identified and the migration of the wireless network to a managed environment with a single vendor was validated.  Information was acquired through a series of on-site interviews with the University’s technical, administrative, and academic personnel.  WTC also addressed the architecture of the data network and current and future requirements, as well as reviewing network survivability strategies, ways to improve network security, network management, network services, and staffing levels to support a 30,000+ port network.

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University of Tennessee Health Science Center’s Technology Assessment

Check out the University of Tennessee website at to take a look into their plan for conducting a Technology Assessment for their Health Science Center.  The purpose was to assess technology on campus using the following six categories:

  • Organizational structure/leadership
  • Budget
  • Benchmarking
  • Services
  • Staffing
  • Governance

The assessment examined technology across the enterprise in the areas of information technology, education, research, clinical care, and business.

The University of Tennessee Technology Assessment website was created to educate faculty and students on the presence of the assessment, as well as how it would be executed and its continuing progress.

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Telecommunications Management Information System (TMIS) for a Large Mid-Atlantic University

The Information Technology Department (ITD) in a large mid-Atlantic University supported more than 100 service offerings comprised of voice, data, and video.  Many processes for things such as ordering services, scheduling of staff time, responding to trouble reports and repairs, and billing were not integrated.  This lack of an integrated TMIS limited the department’s ability to maintain current service levels and add new ones.  Since the University was establishing a new charge-back methodology for their voice, data, wireless, and video services, it was critical a new TMIS be produced.

The University engaged WTC Consulting, Inc. to determine the feasibility of selecting a new TMIS.  The study included documenting existing applications and business processes, identifying the functional attributes that a new system should have, preparing a Request for Technical Information, and developing an evaluation tool and selection criteria.  WTC worked with the ITD staff to develop detailed system requirements.  Six major areas of functionality were identified and a final decision was made and a TMIS System was installed and implemented.

The University integrated the service order and trouble ticket processing for both systems into a single system with improved tracking, auditing, reporting, and analysis capabilities.  A more flexible front end improved the Help Desk application, supporting client services on and off-campus with web interface.  And, a flexible data base improved support for the new funding models the University put in place.

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Information Technology Assessment For a Leading University Health Science Center

Bringing the benefits of the health sciences to the achievement and maintenance of human health by pursuing an integrated program of education, research, clinical care, and public service is the mission of one major University’s Health Science Center.  As this University embarked on implementing its institutional strategic plan, they realized that they should consider what information technology infrastructure and programs were needed to support the general IT research and academic computing needs for their campuses.

 As a result, they released a Request for Proposal for a consulting firm with experience working with higher education institutions.  WTC Consulting was chosen to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the current state of their IT operations for both the central IT organization and IT groups in the individual colleges and departments.  The IT assessment focused on six key areas: 1) organization and leadership, 2) budget, 3) benchmarking, 4) service offerings and quality of services, 5) staffing, and 6) governance.   The results of the assessment provided the University with a roadmap for improving its IT support infrastructure, consolidating application development and support efforts, addressing staffing gaps, establishing centralized storage services, integrating a comprehensive user system support and refresh program, implementing a new wireless network, and initiating a long-term strategic plan for its voice and data network infrastructure and services.

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Information Technology Review for a Northern California Campus

During the Spring 2010 semester a California State University campus experienced three major IT service interruptions.  These interruptions prompted the IT leadership team to engage WTC to review how ITS manages and monitors the systems supporting IT services as well as the extent to which the systems have been designed and configured for high availability.  Additionally, WTC was asked to evaluate how the University’s strategies and trends for managing IT services compared with other institutions.

WTC was able to identify key factors leading to the service interruptions.  WTC made recommendations regarding emerging practices designed to control IT costs and at the same time, meet user expectations for service levels.  These recommendations addressed a structured approach to managing user systems, centralized file storage, server co-location, and virtual server hosting services, establishing a sustainable rate structure, and assessing the split organizational structure for managing enterprise applications.

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Building a Strategic Technology and Business Plan

One of WTC’s respected clients needed a plan to identify future communications requirements based on business needs and to develop a Telecommunications Baseline Analysis with a Strategic Technology and Business Plan for voice and data communications for their university.  WTC formed three internal teams, a Working Group, a Steering Group, and a Policy Group. Each team had an important role in the collaborative process, providing technical direction and guidance on strategic business issues.  The Teams recommended the university adopt a 100% VoIP approach with “survivability” as a key driver.  Upgrading the existing campus LAN is the next step.  Increasing the redundancy and survivability of the voice, data, and Wide Area Network (WAN) architecture will benefit the university with more resiliency, unified management, smooth deployment of new services, and the addition of high bandwidth applications.  An upgrade plan of the physical infrastructure over a four-year period was developed.  The plan identified wireless data networking as a primary infrastructure that could reduce the life cycle cost by approximately $9 million.

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Technology Funding Model for a Major Pacific Northwest University

In an engagement with a leading Pacific Northwest University, WTC provided them with a costing model for all of their technology services.  Over and under recovery conditions for the current rate structure reflecting subsides and other funding considerations were developed.  A proposed methodology for developing recharge rates for non-network related technology services were recommended.  Two cost structures were evaluated: The Per Capita model was chosen as the foundation for a new rate structure on campus due to its scalability and sustainability, adaptation to growth, and flexibility.  This model also simplifies departmental billing and accommodates new technologies.

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One of the Ways WTC Helped a Leading Southern University

For a leading southern university, WTC identified the ten key areas of duplicated services that could potentially be supported in a more efficient and cost-effective manner through either central management or central coordination.  This assessment identified a potential 10% – 20 % reduction in operating costs associated with existing IT services.  WTC provided a road map on how to achieve these savings along with recommendations that address establishing both an IT governance framework and an IT operational framework.  WTC also made recommendations addressing specific services such as network management, help desk, email and calendaring, storage of backup media, file services, and disaster recovery.

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Assessment of Auditing Practices

A prestigious East Coast college engaged WTC Consulting, Inc. to conduct an assessment of the auditing practices of their Telecom and Client Services Departments.  Findings were organized into 9 categories ranging from work order process to external client contract management.  Some of the recommendations were to document key processes and related auditing practices, centralize repositories for storing and accessing key documents, require a registration process for all servers connected to the network, and ensure compliance with the policies in the University’s Acceptable Use Policy regarding connecting unauthorized devices to the campus network.

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